Mercedes head of trackside operations Andrew Shovlin conceded that Mercedes did not have any “big opportunity” to get a victory at the Dutch GP.

Despite attempts to allow Lewis Hamilton to jump ahead of polesitter and eventual race winner Max Verstappen, Mercedes only managed to finish 2nd and 3rd. Shovlin supposes that they did not have a big chance during the race to get in the lead.

“Looking at the stops, the problem was Lewis was having to push very hard to close up. We certainly seemed a little bit stronger on that medium tyre and we could get that gap down a bit, and we’ll go through it as we always do. But I don’t think there was a point where you’d say we could have won,” Shovlin explained.

“Also when you look at the gaps and when we were at our closest, it was too far for us to really run to the finish.”

“We could see where he was pushing hard and I think in reality, there wasn’t any big opportunity that we let slip through our fingers.”

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