Carlos Sainz and Ferrari are looking for an answer regarding the Spaniard’s lack of pace during last weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

Sainz didn’t manage to perform at the Dutch GP as he failed to match the pace of his teammate, Charles Leclerc, and was left behind in the pack. After the race, Sainz said he couldn’t explain what went wrong.

“I cannot explain it obviously,” he said. “The whole race was a bit of a pain for me, and I was just very slow: sliding around, and degrading the tires.

“I lost the feeling that I had with the car on Friday and Saturday. And, to be honest, on the laps to the grid, I already noticed something that I was not really happy with, and the balance was quite off.

“I basically struggled quite a lot the whole day, and it’s something that we are going to look into in the next few days to try and find out exactly what happened.”

Speaking about the issue, Mattia Binotto said the team does not yet know what happened with the car of their Spanish driver.

“We don’t know yet what really was the issue, so we will look at everything,” he said.

“We will look at the car, in terms of assembly. We will look at the setup, we will look at the car balance. At the moment we do not have any answer.

“From the crash [that Sainz suffered in Practice], I don’t think that there is any consequence of it, even though Carlos did not have useful track time in the morning to try and understand a bit more of the car.

“I think we cannot explain a mistake at the moment, so we will look carefully at all the aspects. I am sure we will come out with a conclusion that will make it more comfortable for the next events.”

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