Lewis Hamilton admitted that Red Bull is now more competitive than ever and believes that if Mercedes does not upgrade the car it will be impossible to keep up with them.

Max Verstappen dominated at Zandvoort, and Hamilton lost first place in the championship. The Briton also added that the upgrades brought by Red Bull are working well, and they are now ahead of Mercedes in terms of performance.

“They were so fast,” said Hamilton. “That’s the quickest I think they have been all year.

“They put an upgrade on their car at the last race, and on Sunday you have seen the improvement they have made, so we have to do some work.

“We’ve got to bring something to be able to compete with them.”

Hamilton concluded by saying that it was almost impossible to catch Verstappen and Mercedes has some work to do to close the gap.

“There wasn’t a lot that I could do to answer to the lap times he was putting in from stint one already.

“It was very, very hard to keep up. I think Max was just managing from then, whereas I was flat-out, just trying to stay as close as possible.

“I think we probably needed everything to be perfect to even have the slightest chance of getting past him through strategy, for example. Pit-stops needs to be on point, the strategy needed to be on point and traffic also – but none of those three were ideal.”

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