Fernando Alonso admitted that he was lucky not to crash out of the Dutch GP when he locked up in Turn 3 and almost hit the wall.

Alonso was pushing to get Carlos Sainz who was very slow throughout the whole race. While doing so, the Alpine driver almost ruined his race by himself since he almost hit the barriers at Turn 3.

“It was already a stressful moment for sure,” said Alonso. “I had a go at Carlos about six laps from the end at Turn 1 on the inside, and I thought I was making the move. Then in the last moment, he released the brakes and braked even later, so we nearly touched in Turn 1.

“Then, into Turn 3, I was too close. So I locked the fronts a little bit and I ran wider than normal. I was outside of the circuit, but obviously, there are about two meters from the banking to the wall, and I was about 10cm or something from the wall with both front tires locked up.

“It is not that I did anything magic there. It was just pure luck, as I was not in control of the car. I got lucky there.”

Despite the little mistake that could have been costly, Alonso drove another amazing race. He charged up through the field in the opening stages as he said he would do and then he controlled the race until the end.

“I wanted to go on the outside of Turn 1, but [Antonio] Giovinazzi had the same plan so he was on the outside and blocking a little bit my idea.

“After that, I had to improvise a little bit into Turns 2 and 3, and there were a lot of cars. I was even on the grass at one point.

“Then in Turn 3 I chose to run on the outside and I kept good momentum on the exit, but Carlos [Sainz] was in the middle, in the way, so I had to brake at the exit of Turn 3 which didn’t help.

“But then Giovinazzi and Carlos were fighting until Turn 7, and I could squeeze one position. But I think I had been hit by Esteban [Ocon] in Turn 1, by [George] Russell in Turn 2, and by Giovinazzi in Turn 6. So I had very robust tires today with no punctures, so that was good.”

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