Toto Wolff believes that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will not have a repetition of the Silverstone crash at Zandvoort on Sunday.

Championship rivals Hamilton and Verstappen will be on the front row at a Grand Prix start for the first time since the British GP, where they had a collision, ending the Dutchman’s race prematurely. As the title fight gets even more heated, a lot of people suppose that we might see a repetition of the incident at Circuit Zandvoort. However, Mercedes team principal Wolff thinks both drivers will race in a proper way.

“I think the two protagonists will start side-by-side more often this season and I don’t think we can really assume that it will always end up in an incident,” he said.

“They are both amongst the best ones and they know that every win counts – but they will do it fair and square, but hard. And I think, in a way, we need to stop referring to the Silverstone incident because we’re going to do this another five times this year when they’re standing side-by-side.”

Wolff has also confirmed that the team will not talk with the drivers in terms of start strategy.

“No, we won’t be discussing the strategy for turn one or two,” he commented.

“The drivers are going to discuss with their respective engineers about various possibilities of plays, but we don’t need to refer back to him how to drive or what is at stake, because he knows best. So we are not going to address that.”

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