Steiner thinks neither Haas driver should be blamed for race incident

Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher in Silverstone 2021. Credit: Reddit

Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner said after the Zandvoort race that none of his drivers were to blame for the recent incidents. After the race, Mick Schumacher was annoyed by a “dangerous action” by Nikita Mazepin.

On Saturday, there was already a small altercation between the two drivers and on Sunday there was almost a collision at the beginning of the race. Schumacher tried to overtake Nikita Mazepin on the right side in the second lap. Then Mazepin pulled over late and forced Schumacher to take evasive action. The German’s front wing was also damaged in the process, so he had to pit early.

This was not the first time this had happened between the two. There was also a similar situation at the Azerbaijan GP, where Mazepin pulled over too late.

After the race, Schumacher was very “annoyed” with Mazepin’s action, but did not want to give his thoughts free rein on the radio.

“It’s just a pity. In the end, he ruined the race for me because then my front wing was broken and we had to come in. Then with all the blue flags, you don’t have a race anymore.

“I think that we are just very different people, also in the way we handle things. But that’s also okay. So he should do his thing, I’ll do mine.

“It’s just a pity when such things are played out on the track and dangerous things happen where I’m not completely behind it,” Schumacher said.

For team boss Guenther Steiner, neither driver is to blame for the incident. He had already spoken to both drivers.

“We need to work on it, to be constructive. We had a meeting after our engineering debrief about it. We haven’t come to a conclusion.

“The plan is to meet before Monza and to see what we need to do to avoid this in future, because it doesn’t help anybody. I tried to explain that one. And we will work on it. And will work on it until we get it sorted.”

When asked if Mazepin’s maneuver was dangerous, Steiner also had an opinion.

“I think you can always say it’s dangerous. You can avoid danger. I don’t think it was a nasty move, to be honest. I looked at this scenario and it takes always two to tango.”

For Schumacher, there is “room for improvement” in the relationship with Mazepin, but he also feels the team’s comments that the Russian followed all the consequences regarding overtaking were wrong.

“It depends on what the rules are for him, I think probably my rules are a little different. When you’re pushed into the wall, or in that case the pit wall, you are very reluctant to go there.

“I think we just have to talk about it again with the team. I don’t think that’s good for us as a team.”

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