Guenther Steiner believes that neither Nikita Mazepin nor Mick Schumacher should be blamed for the incident during Dutch GP qualifying.

Saturday’s qualifying session at Zandvoort was a big struggle for Haas as Mazepin and Schumacher had some kind of misunderstanding, when the German passed his teammate to get a better position at the end of Q1. The Russian was not satisfied with Schumacher’s actions. However, team principal Steiner supposes that no one is to blame as getting optimal tire temperature played a significant role in those events.

“I think there’s no right or wrong,” he said.

“We tried to maximize the drivers’ tire temperature, and they both had different ways to do it. But it didn’t work out because at the end of the lap, there was a queue again, so it got messy.

“I think the biggest thing was people leaving very slow the pit lane, and if you try to make a gap there you don’t achieve it, because that’s the first queue.

“Then you’ve got the four and a half kilometres of the racetrack, and then you’re in a queue again. So it’s very difficult to do this. Whatever you do, sometimes it ends up not to be right.

“So I think we are all at fault and nobody’s at fault. We try to get the best out of a situation. And it didn’t work out as we planned.”

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