Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko was dissatisfied with Mercedes after the German team left its heating blankets on their tires for too long, even after the FIA reminded the teams of a specific procedure after the Azerbaijan GP.

Following the double tire failure Aston Martin and Red Bull encountered during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the FIA decided to tighten the screw regarding tire heating before a session.

Heating blankets should be removed from the tires at a specific timing to avoid any pressure changes inside the rubber once a car is sent on the track. However, Mercedes left their heating blankets on their tires for too long during yesterday’s qualifying session, according to Red Bull. Marko expressed his dissatisfaction with his rival team’s behavior, pointing out that they already accused Red Bull of a similar violation in the past.

“It’s a bit of a game that goes back and forth, but whoever lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” a disappointed Marko said, talking about Mercedes.

“They already put the car down but had the tire warmers put on the wheels.

“This is something that came from Mercedes, because this is exactly what they once accused us of.”

The FIA still has not taken any actions regarding this move from Mercedes but might give the team a reminder of how to behave when it comes to tire heating before a session to avoid a future dangerous and unpredictable tire failure, like we have seen in Baku earlier this year.

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