Ahead of the Grand Prix at Zandvoort, the Dutch government decided to decrease the number of people that could go to the track. Jan Lammers had to deal with the issue and he is “proud” to have managed to do so.

The track of Zandvoort can only attend two-thirds of the people due to Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore, 30.000 people had to receive a refund since the tickets had already been sold.

Lammers, the Dutch GP promoter, was in charge to solve the issue.

“We haven’t added up all the numbers yet but, of course, some Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago we just had to say goodbye to like ten million-plus Euros. Because by that time, you’ve already had 100 percent of your costs and then you can’t accommodate one-third of your people.

“So that was a hard blow. And we do this without one single euro of government support. We’re very proud of that but we weren’t happy at that moment.”

Lammers added that losing that money is not a problem in the short term, but should the issue last for three or more years then it would become difficult.

“There’s a very sound business structure behind it so we can take a bit of beating. This shouldn’t go on for two or three years, then it becomes too [hard], but there’s no risk, no danger, so we’re fine.”

The Dutch GP promoter also added that it is likely to see Zandvoort in the future calendars of Formula 1 since there is already a contract that states the race will be held for three years, plus a two-year option.

“This is an event that stands at least for another five years,” he explained. “We have a three-plus-two exclusive agreement so if there’s going to be more races in Holland, it’s going to be in Zandvoort.”

“In no time, after 36 years, we’re very close to being one of the most favorite promoters because I think we show Formula 1 in a way that Formula 1 that organization would like to show Formula 1.

“As our website came live for ticket sales we found out a few weeks later that we could have sold one million tickets. So I think that there’s a very good relationship and then I think Formula 1 is very happy with what we’re doing.”

To conclude, Lammers talked about the Formula 1 race of this year, saying that after seeing all those red flags during Friday and Saturday, he expects to see a chaotic and fun race.

“All the strategies will go to shambles because there’s going to be yellow flags, there’s going to be Safety Car, Virtual Safety Cars. Let’s hope not a red flag, but I think there’s going to be some incidents here and there.

“So I think for some people it will just fit into their plans and the strategy. If you’ve just got your new tires and then there is a yellow, that’s usually a painful situation and who’s going to suffer from that? So from that point of view, it’s unpredictable.

“Here we hope that of course, Max is going to win the race for the locals, but there’s going to be a little less than a hundred million people are going to watch worldwide so may the best man win.”

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