Hauger dominates at Zandvoort, Doohan only fourth

Dennis Hauger at Zandvoort. Credits: PREMA on Twitter.

Dennis Hauger dominates at Zandvoort ahead of Clement Novalak and Alexander Smolyar. Jack Doohan only finished in P5.

The lights went off and Hauger kept the lead, with David Schumacher and Victor Martins behind him. All the other positions remained basically the same.

In Turn 3, Jack Doohan and Jak Crawford almost touched, but there was no damage on both cars.

Hauger had already started to push hard, extending the lead from Schumacher. Meanwhile, Schumacher and Martins were fighting for P2 on lap number five.

The main rival of Hauger, Doohan, was trying to get past Alexander Smolyar for P5.

There was not much action during the race, the gaps between the drivers were remaining the same and no one had the chance to properly attack the rival ahead.

Crawford was struggling to keep Caio Collet behind halfway through the race for P7. The latter managed to get the position in Turn 1.

Schumacher was losing a lot of time from Hauger, who was controlling the race from P1. Behind Schumacher, Martins could not find a place to overtake him.

Hauger was also the fastest driver on the track. Meanwhile, on lap 17, Martins was very close to Schumacher, and further back, Frederik Vesti was trying to overtake Logan Sargeant for P9.

Matteo Nannini was fighting with Juan Manuel Correa and the latter pushed him off onto the gravel in Turn 1. The Italian could restart and there was no need for a safety car. Correa also received a 10-second penalty for what he did to Nannini.

Martins dived in Turn 3 and touched Schumacher who remained stuck. Novalak got up to P3, Martins remained third and the drivers behind gained a position. There will probably be a penalty for Martins, who knew he made a mistake.

Martins received a 10-second penalty, meaning he will lose the podium position at the end of the race.

The race ended under the virtual safety car period, with Hauger taking the win at Zandvoort ahead of Novalak and Smolyar.

3SmolyarART Grand Prix+6.9
5ColletMP Motorsport+8.7
6SargeantCharouz Racing System+12.0
7CrawfordHitech Grand Prix+13.0
8VestiART Grand Prix+14.0
10MartinsMP Motorsport+15.8
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