Valtteri Bottas finished the race at Zandvoort in P3. The Finnish driver sounded a bit disappointed after a tasteless race but revealed he did not want to compromise teammate Lewis Hamilton by claiming a late fastest lap.

Bottas’ race was dominated by the duel between Verstappen and Hamilton. Up until his first stop, he was used as a “shield” for Hamilton so that Verstappen would lose time behind the Finn and let his teammate gain some ground.

However, he had no say in the duel for victory. After the race, he described his race as “uneventful”.

“Unfortunately for me, pretty uneventful, we kept pushing and tried to survive with the tires until the end but we had a big gap behind of me and just had to stop for safety basically.”

There was a minor upset shortly before the end when Bottas took the fastest lap away from Hamilton. That’s why the Briton came into the pits shortly before the end to retrieve it. Bottas said after the race that he did not want to get the fastest lap.

“I didn’t go for the fastest lap, Lewis got it, but as a team we got solid points.”

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