Fernando Alonso admitted that he could have gone faster in the race at Zandvoort, stating that he did not do so for most of the race in an attempt to conserve his tires and gain track positions towards the end of the race.

Alonso, who started ninth on the grid, had a fruitful start, catching up to Esteban Ocon and Antonio Giovinazzi and holding his position till the last lap when he made the move on Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who was running on older tires.

“I’m very happy. On Saturdays, it is very good to go as far ahead as possible, but they do not give points. The races are on Sundays and we did a good race, taking great care of the tires at the beginning,” Alonso told DAZN F1.

“There was a car train, I could go faster, but I didn’t want to. I ruled out the fight with the Ferraris, but they were finally our race. Carlos didn’t have any more tires, I didn’t think the opportunity would come, but it finally came.”

Alonso also took the moment to talk about the next race at Monza which is considered by many, including the Spaniard, to be an incredible event for both drivers and fans.

“The podium [of Monza] is one of the best, it is a circuit known for the heat of the Tifosi. It’s going to be a good weekend,” Alonso commented.

“Monza is an incredible circuit, with all the people and the atmosphere. It is one of the best events that one remembers, next to Barcelona.”

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