Franz Tost admitted that he wants to see Yuki Tsunoda bring his AlphaTauri into Q3 at Zandvoort.

Tsunoda did not cover many kilometers during FP1 since he had some issues with his engine. Despite that, Tost expects a good qualifying from the Japanese driver.

“Yuki had a problem with an oil leak, which meant that it caused a little bit of small fire where the wiring loom was damaged,” Tost explained.

“Therefore, we had to remove the gearbox to change this wiring loom which cost, of course, a lot of time, and he couldn’t go out anymore in FP1.”

AlphaTauri team principal said that he was happy with Tsunoda’s result in FP2 considering that he did not spend much time on track in FP1.

“In FP2, I must say he did a really good job because we must not forget he is here the first time, as well as all the other drivers. He improved his lap time, lap by lap, and knows now for sure more than before FP2 and I hope that in FP3, he can do another step because I expect him in Q3.

“Of course, it’s not good, but such things happen [that] should not happen, but it happens in F1 or motorsport. And we know the reason, that’s important.”

Tsunoda revealed that he still tried to learn something while his mechanics were repairing the car by watching onboard videos of other drivers.

“[We had] a small PU issue which we found earlier on after we did a test for the wind. We couldn’t solve that problem during the session, so I had to stop the car for the session early on but, after that, I just tried to watch the onboard videos from the others cars and try to learn,” he said.

The Japanese driver also added that he was very careful in FP2, and in the end, he was feeling more confident.

“FP2 was my first push lap, and I was just taking it easy first and building up, especially at this track there’s not much runoff area to avoid something, collisions, you know. So, step by step, and by the end, I was able to put it all together.

“I still need a lot of work, but it was quite an OK lap and, for the team, we finally got two cars’ data to prepare for qualifying.

“I think qualifying is going to be important. Like this track especially, I expect it’s gonna be difficult to overtake, like Hungary.

“I missed the whole FP1 session but tried to recover that time with the engineers. And yeah, hopefully, I can improve, put it all together and have a good qualifying tomorrow.”

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