Sergio Perez did not make it through Q1 at Zandvoort and he will start the race in P16. The Mexican said that his goal is to minimize the damage done in qualifying.

It was not an ideal Saturday for Perez who struggled a lot around Zandvoort. That is not ideal since it is very hard to overtake around this venue.

“We didn’t manage to complete the lap, I think we missed out by 1.5 seconds or something like that,” Perez said.

“It’s extremely frustrating because we had the pace today to lock the front row. I think I was progressing well, I was feeling more comfortable as the run was progressing.

“Tomorrow is going to be a very hard one, but I look forward to trying and score something, minimize the damage tomorrow.”

Perez also said that everyone inside the team is to blame for what happened, but that is just part of the sport and they will discuss it together.

“I think we are all to blame for [it],” Perez said. “That’s how we approach, and that’s why we are a strong team.”

“Obviously we are a new group of people in the team, so we’re just getting on top of things,” Perez said.

“I think Belgium and here were two examples that things we could have done better, and we’re just learning, and I think with time, making sure that we learn from our mistakes. It’s how we will get stronger as a team.

“It hurts, it hurts badly. Really, hard to digest, this one, knowing the level of car that we have underneath us.

“There’s nothing I can do now. I am certain we will learn from it, and just move on.”

To conclude, Perez said that the team is discussing whether or not to fit a new engine on his car. That could be a good idea since the Mexican is already starting in the last positions, and it would mean that he would not take the penalty on another track.

“We are thinking about it,” Perez said. “We will consider all the possibilities.”

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