Nikita Mazepin alleged that Mick Schumacher deliberately ruined his final Q1 lap at the Dutch Grand Prix, which left him “quite annoyed” by the end of the final corner of the circuit.

In the aftermath, Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel had to abandon his flying lap and was, as a result, eliminated in Q1 itself. The incident was investigated by the stewards but no penalties were imposed on either Haas driver.

“As you know [how] the rules in an F1 team work, one weekend you are the first car, the next weekend, you’re the second car. This weekend was my turn to be the first car, and I once in Imola overtook the first car, when I was the second, and I got a bollocking from the team,” Mazepin explained.

“Now this has happened to me the second time when my teammate overtakes me and then bumps me into the traffic, and then f**** my last attempt in qualifying on purpose.

“I already told the team what I think and I agree, but I don’t know what the other party says.”

On the other side of the garage, Schumacher claimed that he had consulted with the team before overtaking Mazepin and that he has no idea what the Russian is on about.

Schumacher also suggested that neither driver did anything wrong on that occasion, but he will nevertheless wait for Team Principal Guenther Steiner’s comments on the incident and discuss the matter internally.

“I don’t quite know what he’s talking about,” Schumacher admitted to Sky Germany. “I got the OK and accordingly passed him early enough and then also had Lando [Norris] between us.

“I believe that we will discuss this internally with the team and Gunther will then also comment on it. But from my side, I don’t think we did anything wrong.

“So there was no reason to make a drama out of it because his lap wasn’t ruined because of that,” Schumacher concluded.

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