Antonio Giovinazzi did an amazing job in qualifying, securing a seventh place on the grid. The Italian added that he wants to finish the good work on Sunday.

On a track around which is very difficult to overtake, Giovinazzi secured a great position ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix.

“[The aim is] keep the position,” Giovinazzi said. “We start from a good position in P7, I know something can happen in the front so we’ll see, but for sure the target is to keep P7.

“This year is really difficult to understand what track can be for us, yesterday from FP1 it felt the car is here and we had a good pace, it helps build up confidence with the track and the car and you can put it together in qualifying.”

Giovinazzi did not crack under the pressure of all the rumors talking about the drivers that might join Alfa Romeo. However, the Italian does not seem to think about it too much and he just does his job.

“For sure it will help but we know how it is Formula 1, I did my best, the race is tomorrow, but we did the right way. It’s been like this from 2019 – September for me is quite busy. But I say many times if I do my job I will keep my seat and this is what I did in the last two years.”

For this weekend, the teammate of Giovinazzi is Robert Kubica since Kimi Raikkonen tested positive for Covid-19. The third Alfa Romeo driver said that it is a difficult situation, but he still wants to do his best.

“You are prepared because it’s written in your contract and you know your position very well,” Kubica said. “But to be honest maybe I’m too old but I never really thought it might happen. Of course, you know there is a chance it happens but you don’t want it to happen because, in the end, it would mean something happens with your teammate. But that’s part of the game, part of my position in the team.

“It’s difficult to say you’re prepared when you are jumping in the car every three or four months. Especially this year I struggled more with the car. Last year I had much more confidence, I was able to not drive for three months, jump in, and within a couple of laps, I was on the pace – even surprisingly good on the pace.

“This year a combination of tires probably, cars, also I think today is quite windy. So you have to learn the track, the grip was coming and going, it is not an easy track. For sure if it would be in Bahrain everything would be much more simple, but we are in Zandvoort and I am quite happy. The reality is that for the third time I’m back on the F1 grid.”

Kubica also admitted that maybe he was too cautious sometimes, but even if he took more risks, it would not have been worth it. He preferred a more cautionary approach during qualifying.

“I think it’s also a combination of what car I’m driving in the other series. The last time I did qualifying was last year, the last race of DTM, so I have not even been in qualifying once this year. But the last run was a real shame because I felt like I could improve a lot and was looking forward, but I had a lot of traffic on the out lap at a very slow pace.

“Then I arrived at the last corner to open the lap, I locked the fronts and then had snap oversteer on exit. Then I said ‘OK now I don’t know what will happen at the first corner. So I took it safe the grip was not there but of course, if you try to force the car you switch on the tires faster. If you stay on the defensive it takes four or five corners. Also there I don’t know how quickly and how well they will work.

“So it’s always running behind the schedule, to be honest, and those things you can’t gain or learn from the book, or you cannot find them at the supermarket otherwise this morning I would have bought quite a lot of knowledge. But that’s part of the game.

“I think all in all, wind, track, the conditions we have been in, and the safe approach, it has been a smooth Saturday which in my position is probably the most important thing.”

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