Sebastian Vettel expressed his concerns regarding Formula 1’s role in sending an environmental message, stating that introducing more road-relevant engines in addition to a better-structured calendar are among the things F1 can do.

This statement came in following the Extinction Rebellion group planning to raise awareness of its campaign at the Dutch GP following the decision from F1 to race near natural reserves. Vettel said that F1 must once again be a leading force in technology and that the current technology used in F1 is fascinating, albeit irrelevant on the road.

“I think whatever the next engine formula happens to be, it should be more road relevant and helping everybody in the whole world to make a shift when we talk about mobility. I think F1 should carry on along its footsteps of the past, to be a leader in technology, which is relevant for the future,” he explained.

“There are a lot of people around the track that are consuming a lot of goods, drinks, food, and so on. Now, how we handle the whole topic of this, how we hand out food, drinks, etc, I think there’s a lot of things that can be done on that front that can be improved.

“On our calendar, I think it could be structured in a way that it makes sense that we’re not traveling back and forth for nothing, so we have races in a similar area.

“If you ask me, how I would respond to what F1 is doing? I think there’s a lot of things that F1 is planning to do, and some smaller things that F1 is taking action on, which is good. But is it enough? No, it’s not enough.”

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