Max Verstappen believes that his short-run pace is better than shown in Friday practices at Zandvoort.

The local favorite finished second and fifth in the opening free practices at Circuit Zandvoort. However, Verstappen was not able to collect a full competitive lap. He admits that the short-run pace can be improved.

“I don’t think it looks very representative on our side on the short run, because already after one lap, the tires just drop off a bit,” he said.

“Nevertheless, we’ll work on a few things, because we were not entirely happy on the short run.

“The long run looks competitive, so that, of course, is always very important, but we also know that the starting position here is very important. So we’ll have a look at what we can do on the short run to make it a bit better,” he added.

“There’s just a few things we have to understand. The lap when I had to abort would have been good for first.”

Verstappen has enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the race track itself.

“It was good to see all of the fans in orange having fun in the grandstand. The track as well has a lot of fast corners, so it was a really fun day.”

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