Guenther Steiner thinks that at this time of the season it will be hard to postpone or add races to the F1 calendar. Therefore, if there will be other problems, the races will be called off.

Steiner believes that there is not much that the FIA and Formula 1 can do to change the calendar once again since there are not many weekends available.

“If there [are] changes, I think there will be more cancellations and not any changes anymore because we are just running out of weekends at the moment, there is not a lot you can do anymore,” he said.

Steiner also said that Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO, is trying to keep the calendar as it stands right now, but it is not easy.

“If something will happen, depending always on the Corona, at the moment FOM and Stefano, they are pushing hard to get this calendar to the end like it is now.

“But you never know. As we saw last weekend, we don’t have nature in control. So if the pandemic hits hard in one of the countries we are going to, I think the only option is to cancel the event.

“I don’t think that is a big option to change it to another place because there’s just not enough time if you think in a little bit more than three months that the season is over.”

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