McLaren has confirmed that Lando Norris’ engine has been saved and it received the green light to be used at Zandvoort even after the crash at Spa.

McLaren fitted the third engine on Norris’ car back at Spa. It was the last power unit that the team could use without receiving a penalty. The English outfit was worried that after the big hit during the wet qualifying session the engine could not be saved. However, luckily for the team, everything was ok.

“All checks have been completed and everything so far looks good,” said Seidl.

“It’s always in the end that you get the final green light once you have reinstalled the unit again and go back on track. But with everything that our colleagues from HPP have checked, we don’t expect any issues.”

McLaren might not be using the third engine at Zandvoort, but it will probably do it in Monza given the track has long straights.

“It’s still open when to use it again,” added Seidl. “But it looks okay, and it can be reused at one of the next weekends.”

Seidl also admitted that the angle of the impact was not as bad as it looked, and he also added that the team was lucky with that.

“I think we were lucky that in terms of the angle of the impact, the initial impact, it was not too bad,” he said.

“That’s why we could keep the monocoque. And also the damage on, for example, the PU was not as bad as it looked like when the crash happened. It’s also the reason why Lando could walk away without any serious issues.”

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