Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola explained Pirelli’s decision to not make a special tire for the high loadings expected from the banked corners at Zandvoort, stating that with the current information, Pirelli found it unnecessary.

While banking has been an issue in the past, with multiple Michelin tire failures during the 2005 United States Grand Prix, Isola said that with the improved construction of the 2021 compounds, in addition to the new information received, a special compound for the Dutch Grand Prix would be redundant.

“Now I believe we have much better information and we have a better product. So for these two reasons, we don’t need to have any different construction in Zandvoort,” Isola said.

“The teams were not sure about what was going to happen. The track was not finalized yet, they were working on the two corners and most of the circuit.

“When we travel with F1 for an event, we have some exemptions, but when we travel by ourselves to make additional measurements, we don’t have the same, so it’s really hard to get data in advance.

“It is fair to say that also with the new construction that we introduce at the beginning of the year, and the new construction that we introduced at Silverstone, obviously we have a more robust tire, and therefore we can adapt the prescriptions also considering the new product that we are using,” Isola concluded.

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