Christian Horner said that Alexander Albon has been called by Mercedes several times and they told him not to join Williams in 2022.

Albon has been recently linked to a seat either at Alfa Romeo or Williams. The former Red Bull driver seems to prefer the second option, but Horner said Mercedes is trying to change his mind.

“Our objective will be to see him race in another team, rather spend another year on the bench,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“So he’s got a couple of opportunities to do that outside of Red Bull and hopefully he’ll get that chance. Alfa [Romeo] and Williams are the two teams showing a lot of interest.

“I think his preference would be Williams but he’s had about four phone calls telling him not to go there from the team next door [Mercedes]. I told him to ignore them.”

Horner believes that Albon is a great driver and should his move be blocked, he said that he will stay within the Red Bull family. Anyway, Horner hopes that Albon will find a seat next season.

“Because of his linkage to Red Bull so that would be a great shame if the driver were to pay a penalty for that,” said Horner. “Hopefully that won’t come to play.

“I hope that Mercedes don’t block his opportunity at Williams. If he can’t race next year, he’ll still be with us in a test and reserve role because we rate him extremely highly.”

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