Red Bull would like Alexander Albon to come back in Formula 1, and Christian Horner has already confirmed that two teams are interested.

Albon was replaced at the end of the 2020 season by Sergio Perez and he did not find a seat at AlphaTauri since the outfit decided to have Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

Albon has not found a team to join yet because of that. However, Horner said that both Williams and Alfa Romeo Racing might be interested in signing the former Red Bull driver.

“Alex deserves a seat in Formula 1 next year,” said Horner. “There’s quite a bit of interest in him for next year. We’ll do whatever we can to try and enable that. I hope that nothing prevents him from realizing one of those opportunities.

“I think he’s a talented driver and subject to George moving, now Kimi’s retiring, that does open up opportunities. I’m that will get resolved over the next week or so.

“We’re keen to see him back racing in Formula 1 and hopefully that will get resolved over the next days.”

Horner also said that the team is doing anything to ensure that Albon will get a seat next season.

“We want to see him race so we’ll accommodate whatever we can to ensure that he’s back in a race seat next year,” he added. “There’s always obstacles but he’s a lad that deserves an opportunity in Formula 1 next year and we’re doing our best to try and help him achieve that.

“We’re trying to help him get a seat. I think he’s good enough that he doesn’t need to be taking a funding package with him but obviously, we’re looking to enable that he gets a drive. So wherever we can help, we certainly will. Hopefully, it can be resolved in the near future.”

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