Last week’s Belgian GP will be remembered by F1 fans for a long time. Andreas Seidl, team boss of McLaren, criticized the FIA approach and he is in favor of introducing different F1 rules in case races have to be canceled.

In Belgium, last week Sunday it was impossible to race normally. Therefore, the three laps of the race were run behind the safety car. After that, the first ten places were given half of the points. This did not sit well with many drivers, and among them, McLaren driver Lando Norris, who said it was “not a race”. His team boss, Andreas Seidl, also wants rule changes with regard to the awarding of points, so that in the future, points will be awarded on the basis of qualifying results when races are canceled.

“If a race cannot happen – which can happen, we need to be clear as well on that, it’s an outdoor sport, we could have, strictly speaking, an entire weekend that is washed away.

“But let’s say if a race can’t happen, just to put it clearly in the regulations that you then award at least a few points based on the qualifying results, maybe half points or whatever. I think that needs to be discussed in detail. I would be fine with that.”

According to Seidl, if points were awarded for qualifying, there would no longer be the discussion that the race would only be started so that points could be awarded.

“Rewarding points for qualifying result if the race doesn’t happen is something I could imagine could be introduced. From my point of view, it would be also fair, because that’s the last point during a weekend where you had fair competition between all competitors. Why not give a reward to them for that if a race can’t happen.

“It’s the same as when qualifying can’t happen when you take the free practice result instead.”

Jean Todt, FIA president, said after the race that there would be rule changes. This is also important for Seidl, as changes are still needed in other areas.

“For sure we have to look into that and see what can be improved.

“At the same time we all sat around the table when these rules were developed, every single team was involved and we were all happy with that. And many of these rules were in place for decades. And in the end, it wouldn’t have changed a bad experience for the fans on Sunday afternoon. So again, for me, that was not that much of a big issue, to be honest.

“As long as you need to learn from it and see, can we make it more simple at the same time, you also need to accept that with the regulations that are in place, we have to cover a lot of different scenarios. Last Sunday obviously a lot of different scenarios came together but in the end from my point of view were handled within the rules that are available from the FIA side in dialogue with us.”

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