Max Verstappen expressed his excitement for his home Grand Prix at Zandvoort this weekend, admitting that he is looking forward to the old-school challenge posed by the track, especially during qualifying.

Following the Belgian Grand Prix, where Verstappen was awarded half points, the Dutchman hopes to close the gap to championship leader Lewis Hamilton and retake the lead in front of his home fans.

“It’s a bit more old-school, like Suzuka, so when you make a mistake you can get punished a bit more even though they changed a few bits with a bit more run-off. Nevertheless, the feeling here is… what you experience at Suzuka, for example,” Verstappen said.

“They’ve done an incredible job setting this all up and first of all on hosting the Grand Prix, but also now how you look at the whole complex as a whole, it looks very cool and I hope we can have a good fun weekend, of course with a good result; that’s always what you try to aim for, but I think we can enjoy ourselves on a Saturday once the fuel comes out and we’ll see how fast we can go around this track.”

Verstappen went into detail regarding the changes made to update the track to accommodate modern F1 cars, calling the banked corners “very special”, based on his track walk earlier.

“Of course, the last corner… will be easy flat[-out] but Turn 3 gives you more opportunities in terms of what lines you can take,” Verstappen added.

“Everyone is very interested in the banked corners and I have to say, when you do the track walk it looks very special. You don’t really see that a lot on other kinds of tracks. It definitely adds something to it.”

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