Max Verstappen expressed his happiness at Red Bull retaining Sergio Perez for the 2022 season, stating that he is a really good teammate to work with, with all going well so far.

Red Bull confirmed last Friday about the Mexican’s relationship with the team for 2022, announcing a one-year contract for Perez. While he was no stranger to struggles while adjusting to the RB16B, Perez played a supporting role, finishing third at the French Grand Prix, where Verstappen won, and even winning a race at Baku.

“First of all, he’s a very nice guy. It’s really enjoyable to work with Checo, so from that side it’s all been going really well,” Verstappen said. “France, that was a great race for the whole team.

“We just need to keep pushing as a team to just deliver a competitive car, and I’m sure both of us can do a good job.”

Perez currently stands fifth in the driver’s championship, playing a key role for Red Bull’s focus towards the constructor’s championship fight against reigning champions Mercedes.

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