Nico Rosberg, the former F1 driver, believes that things might get more complicated inside Mercedes should the team sign George Russell.

Mercedes did not announce yet who will be the driver alongside Lewis Hamilton for the 2022 season. It could be Valtteri Bottas, or, as many people think, Russell.

Rosberg was Lewis Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes until 2016, and their relationship was not the very best since they were both fighting for the title. Then, when Rosberg left the sport and Bottas became a new Mercedes driver, things within the team started to improve since there was not much rivalry between Hamilton and Bottas as there were between Rosberg and the Briton.

Hamilton also admitted that Bottas has been his best teammate and he would like him to stay also for the upcoming season.

Rosberg spent some words about the matter in an interview with

“Whether it’s Valtteri or George, both of them deserve that seat,” Rosberg said.

“Valtteri has been doing a good job in that Mercedes car. Of course, things haven’t gone his way this year, but in general, he’s done the job that Mercedes requires.

“Let’s see what they decide. Valtteri would be the easier decision because you know what you have. George is maybe a little bit more exciting decision. Let’s see what they come up with.

“Yes, if they do take George, then the battle internally at Mercedes would be different, and potentially more heated.”

Rosberg also added that he does not know how things will be in Mercedes if Russell signs the contract, but it would certainly be an extreme situation for him since he would go from struggling to get in the top ten to have a very competitive car.

“If one day he would drive next to Lewis, then it’s impossible to predict how he would act in such a situation,” said Rosberg.

“It’s extreme, it’s completely extremes, suddenly you’re in a race-winning car every weekend, you’re fighting against the best of all-time, who has been there for like the last eight years.

“It’s an extreme situation. So it depends from one driver to the other who you would deal with that as a teammate.”

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