Kimi Raikkonen said Formula 1 was “never” his main purpose in life, and that with his retirement he wants to try new things and move away from the hectic travel schedule of the sport.

Why it matters: After 19 years in Formula 1, Kimi Raikkonen is permanently stepping down from the sport by the end of the 2021 season.


  • “Luckily, I would say that F1 has never been my life, in a way. It takes a lot of time from our lives but it’s never been, let’s say, the main thing in my life. I was living my life and, in the outside, I do normal things, and on that hand, it’s fine.”
  • Raikkonen stated that one of the main reasons for his retirement was the sport’s hectic traveling schedule. “I don’t want to have some schedule put on (…) that’s for sure one of the big reasons why I want to also do something else, that the life doesn’t go because of the race or whatever it is, the work that it’s involved in F1.”

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