The FIA has canceled the DRS zone in front of the finish line ahead of the Dutch GP at Zandvoort. However, those responsible for the race are still hoping for approval.

The track at Zandvoort was reworked before the F1 race, including the Arie Luyendyk curve, which has a gradient of 18 degrees. Simulations by F1 and the FIA have shown in advance that the cars can go through the corner with the rear wings open, which means they can use DRS.

However, the FIA has announced lately that the DRS will not be used in the steep corner, but only after the exit of the corner. This means that there are about 600 meters of slipstream potential in front of Tarzan.

Race officials were surprised after the announcement, even though they know how difficult overtaking will be. Nevertheless, they are hoping for a change of mind from the FIA when the cars hit the track on Friday and they can handle the corner well.

Jan Lammers, sporting director of the Dutch GP, is also hoping for this.

“I was surprised, but not astonished. I think it’s normal that they want to look at the data and hear the reactions of the drivers first. I think it’s sensible that they made that call and that they want to analyze the facts first. But I think the FOM will be the first to adjust it when they see it is safe to do so. Then that will happen immediately.”

Lammers even reckons there could be a change as early as Friday night, once the FIA has seen how similar simulators and the real events on the track are.

“I don’t know how quickly they can change it, and now I’m just talking spontaneously, but it could well be that they have seen enough by Friday night so that the DRS can be opened earlier.

“In the simulation, it seems possible, but they want to see it in real life first. Then the downforce differences really become clear. In the simulations, those don’t come out that well.”

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