Fernando Alonso admits that he will miss Kimi Raikkonen on track, but not outside of it due to lack of companionship between them.

The Alfa Romeo driver has announced this Wednesday that the 2021 F1 season will be his last in the sport. One of his main rivals Alonso reveals that he will not miss the Finn that much as a person as they do not know each other well.

“Not much, no. I don’t know him enough to have an opinion. We know that Kimi is special and quite shy, and not [forming] big relationships with anyone. I was his teammate in 2014 at Ferrari but, even that year, we didn’t have the opportunity to meet each other well enough or more than now so, yeah, I can’t say anything about that,” Alonso said.

“But there are always 20 drivers in F1. And we go up and down in the order, and we are sometimes not in the sport anymore. And probably it is his decision. I think he did an amazing career, he did enjoy the time here. And, for sure, [I am] wishing him the best for the future.”

At the same time, the Spaniard affirms that he will miss Raikkonen as an opponent.

“As a competitor, yeah, we will miss him because, obviously, he has been [here] for many years, and we had great battles,” he added.

“In the past more, because we had more competitive cars, and we were fighting for championships and podiums and things like that.

“[He was] always fair, always respectful. [He was] always a tough competitor, but old-school. So [he was] always very fair and [there were] no tricks. In that aspect, I think I will miss him. You knew that you could trust him when you were side-by-side, because he will never do any crazy thing or anything to put anyone in danger. He was a fair competitor.”

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