Formula 1 scrapped the idea of having a DRS zone at the final banked corner at Zandvoort, with the FIA confirming that the second DRS zone will be after the last corner, with 650m to open the rear wing.

This move came following F1’s return to the circuit after its last race in 1985, with the FIA wanting to observe the first modern race at the circuit before evaluating the viability of DRS at the final corner, according to Dutch GP Sporting Director and former F1 driver Jan Lammers.

“In simulations, the differences in height are difficult to map. Drivers who explore the circuit in the simulator were surprised on arrival by the height differences between the banked bend and the straight, so maybe that’s why F1 decided to collect some more data in practice,” Lammers told

“You can perhaps best compare it with a start behind the Safety Car, where people first want to see exactly what the situation is like.

“They first want to see and experience everything before they get such a big deal.”

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