Lewis Hamilton calls for a “free race” for fans who attended the Belgian GP. After the two-lap race behind the safety car, the race at Spa-Francorchamps was abandoned and half points were distributed.

Last Sunday’s race was officially the shortest race in F1 history after waiting more than 3 hours for a start and the race lasted the minimum distance of 2 laps. The fans were bitterly disappointed with this event and also some drivers were very unhappy with the FIA’s approach. The lead of the seven-time world champion from Great Britain, Lewis Hamilton, shrank to three points, but that was not the only thing that annoyed Hamilton. He called the situation a “farce” and said that the FIA had restarted the race only for “commercial reasons”.

Hamilton demanded that the FIA refund the fans’ money as they had been “robbed of a race”. He would also be in favor of the race being restarted and free for fans to attend. But the FIA had not thought of that.

“I’d absolutely come back. I love it here so if there is a way we could find a window where it wasn’t raining and we give the fans a free race, that would be great.”

One of Hamilton’s supporters was George Russell, who took P2 that weekend, his first podium in F1.

“If we did have to have a replacement race [this year], I would have nothing against coming back here. Obviously [it is] one of the best races and circuits in the world, and obviously so many fans who probably love Formula 1 who live locally or in Belgium didn’t have the opportunity to see what they came here for.

“So maybe that could be another way to repay them for the loss today.”

F1, unlike the IndyCar Series or NASCAR, for example, could not postpone the race until Monday. Jean Todt, FIA president, will talk with F1 officials about changes so that events like Sunday could be avoided.

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