Williams CEO Jost Capito talked about the possible Williams line-up for 2022, clarifying many questions that have been asked regarding the team’s position in F1 since the Dorilton takeover of Williams Racing.

The biggest question regarding Williams is the question of George Russell, with Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff confirming that a decision has been made regarding their 2022 roster. Capito addressed the speculation, stating that if Russell leaves for Mercedes, he hopes the Briton returns to Williams at some point in his career.

“He’s [Wolff] taken a decision, but I don’t know which one. It’s fine with me, I have a good relationship with Toto. And if he’s taken his decision, it’s fine. I’ve taken my decision as well,” Capito told RaceFans.

“I hope that he decides to take George because George is at the stage of his career where he deserves to get into a championship-winning car and we are not in the position yet to do that. And I hope that in a couple of years he comes back because he wants to be world champion again and he can get it with us!”

Having said that, Capito addressed the task of finding a replacement for Russell, should the latter be heading for Mercedes, stating that the possibilities are endless and that he would not exclude any category or anyone, for that matter.

That said, Capito did not go into detail when asked about Williams’ position regarding certain names, some of whom include Valtteri Bottas and Nicholas Latifi, admitting that he is in no position to reveal details regarding the same.

“I don’t really talk to him about drivers because I want to make him very clear, and I think he is very clear, that Williams can take our own decision and we take the decision on drivers,” Capito admitted.

“Nicholas is doing a great job. And there are of course discussions going on, but he’s impressed us this year and he’s getting better and better. And the team likes him, he works well with the team. So I think he’s got a good chance to stay.

“Taking Valtteri back wouldn’t be stupid, as it wouldn’t be stupid to have somebody else. I think at the moment as before it’s decided that George is leaving, I’m not in the position and I don’t want to talk to anybody in detail.

“Of course, I look at various drivers and Nyck de Vries is a [Formula E] world champion for sure. It would be stupid not having him in the line-up of potential drivers, so. But he’s not the only one, of course,” Capito concluded.

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