Vettel thinks gaining points like this is “really odd”

Sebastian Vettel (GER) at Spa-Francorchamps, during the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix. Credits: Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team (Twitter: @AstonMartinF1)

Sebastian Vettel disagreed with the decision to award half points after the shortened Belgian Grand Prix, stating that those points were not earned due to the lack of actual racing laps.

While Vettel agreed with the decision not to hold the race given the hazardous conditions, he expressed his disappointment at the final classification, calling it “a bit awkward”.

“What’s the effort we did today? We followed the Safety Car and all said that it’s not fine to race,” Vettel said.

“Anyways, I mean for us we get some points, but still it feels really odd. I’ve done so many races and this is by far probably the race that doesn’t feel like a race and you still get some points, so it’s a bit awkward.

“With the spray, you don’t see anything. I was in P5 and you see nothing down the straights. It just gets worse. So if you’re first or second or third it’s fine because you can just stagger, but where we were it was bad, and then it just gets worse, so that’s really the trouble and that’s why it’s not safe.”

Vettel also sympathized with the fans, giving comments similar to that of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso on the matter. The German, who was furious with the FIA on Saturday for not bringing out the red flag soon enough in qualifying, defended the FIA for canceling the race, calling their decisions the “right ones”.

“The FIA had to make some tough decisions today. It is not easy for them, but safety has to be the priority, and even though their decisions may not have been popular they were probably the right ones,” Vettel explained.

“You’re close to aquaplane as well, there’s some high-speed track corners here. It’s just bitter for people at the track in particular and also for people at home.

“I think it is a frustrating day for all of us and an anti-climax, especially for the fans, who were outside in the wet and the cold all day waiting to see a race. I feel sorry we could not give them the entertainment they deserved to see. The rain just never stopped and, when we did go out, the spray was very bad with low visibility.”

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