Andreas Seidl believes that F1 needs to understand the fact that on certain occasions weather can stop racing action.

The 2021 Belgian GP will be remembered as the race that actually never got underway because of torrential rain. This is quite unusual for Formula 1, but McLaren team principal Seidl supposes that F1 should accept that it could happen and take it into account.

“I think we simply have to accept it because the only alternative to 100% guarantee that you can race is to do an indoor race,” he commented.

“I think you have to accept that as long as we go out for racing, days like this can happen where it’s not possible [to run] with whatever car you race.

“First of all, you have the issue of aquaplaning, plus the view of the drivers in the car with the spray. I can’t think of any car that would allow you to race safely in these conditions like we had.”

The German also approves the race direction’s decision to go out again behind the Safety Car.

“I would say, as we have seen also in the previous days, that it can go quite quickly with the track drying up to a condition that you can actually race,” he said.

“When I look at the last restart, we saw the same in our weather forecast that Michael [Masi] had seen: that there was a potential window of the rain stopping. And with 20 cars going around the track it could go quite quickly.

“I think that was the intention behind when the restart was tried. But unfortunately the weather we can’t control and it didn’t work out. It’s clear safety comes first, and I think in that respect the right decisions have been made definitely.”

Seidl admits that it has not been the race everyone wanted, but believes that F1 has had to abide by the rules.

“Of course, no one wants a race in the end like it played out here, but in the end, there are rules in place and they have been applied,” he said.

“It is also clear that obviously for us we benefited from that because we had a car in P4 and benefited from the good qualifying result we had with Daniel [Ricciardo].

“And it is clear that all the teams that did not benefit from it, pending on their championship position, also are crying now and complaining now. That’s part of the nature of F1.”

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