Daniel Ricciardo’s best result of the season came at Spa-Francorchamps yesterday as he qualified fourth and the race was only run behind the safety car, and no one could take this position away from him.

The Australian also believes that no one could do anything about it and that the window for a normal race was very small. The race yesterday in Belgium is now officially the shortest race ever, as they hoped to start for three hours and then followed the safety car for two laps before the race was stopped and half points were awarded.

The McLaren driver believes there was a small window of opportunity to try and start the race after there was no opportunity afterward.

“The only time the track was OK was [on] the laps to [the] grid. So that was at like 14:30. The track was OK then, but after that, we lost the window.

“In those conditions, we could have made something, but from about 15:00 it was too late.”

When asked if the drivers could have tried a race, he felt that there was no realistic chance.

“Probably the easiest way for me to relay the messages is it’s just simple physics that the car will just not stick and stay on the road.

“And that’s with 100 percent visibility, let alone with five percent. So, it gets to a threshold where it’s no longer about skill, it’s about the car not sticking to the track.”

For some fans, it was probably surprising that there were no incidents behind the safety car. Ricciardo thinks it would have been different if the cars had been at maximum speed.

“The issue is because we’re so slow, then you’re gonna have some people probably trying to do something out of the physical realm of the car.

“You’re inevitably going to have maybe a bigger incident because of closing speeds or someone just thinking they can go beyond the limit.

“It’s a good question, but in a way, I think it causes more problems.”

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