Norris: I wanted to make up for qualifying

Lando Norris during the Belgian Grand Prix. Getty Images -1337056631

Lando Norris expressed his disappointment for the cancelation of the Belgian Grand Prix due to the bad weather, as he wanted to “make up” for his mistake during Saturday’s qualifying session.

The McLaren driver crashed out of qualifying for the Belgian GP during the Q3 session, causing great damage to his car. His team later confirmed he needed a gearbox change, meaning he took a 5-place grid drop penalty for Sunday’s race. However, bad weather conditions made it impossible to race, with the FIA calling the GP off with just 2 Safety Car laps, and awarding half the points.

The situation didn’t sit well with the drivers and neither did with the fans. Speaking after the “race,” Norris commented on the track conditions and what could have been his comeback from qualifying.

“From the outside, sometimes it doesn’t look that bad, but in the car – if there was a car facing the wrong way on the straight or just stopped or something, you wouldn’t see it until you were five meters out or something like that. You can’t even see these flashing lights or anything. It’s so difficult to describe just how bad it is.

“We’re racing drivers,” he said. “We want to come out and race, it’s not like we just wanted to take the day off today – especially me, I wanted to try and make up for [Saturday’s qualifying].

“So I really wanted to just come out and have some fun, do some overtaking and put on a good show. But we also know when it’s just too dangerous and it’s not safe for us to go out and drive. Of course it’s not the nicest decision, but it’s the way it is sometimes.”

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