Toto Wolff said that Mercedes needs to accept that Red Bull closed the gap in the championship after the FIA decided to award points after completing only a few laps behind the safety car.

Max Verstappen officially won the Belgian GP, and he scored 12.5 points while Lewis Hamilton only finished third, scoring only 7.5 points. Thus, after the race, the gap between the two is just 3 points. Moreover, Mercedes’ lead in the constructors’ championship decreased.

Both Mercedes and Hamilton are disappointed with how Formula 1 handled the race, but Wolff said that the team needs to accept it and move on.

“Half points have been awarded when probably it was expected that the weather wouldn’t get any better,” Wolff said.

“But it is what it is. And I guess you need to take this one on the chin and close the chapter for this race and move on.

“In a certain way, we must applaud the fans that have been there for three days in the rain, they have waited for a race to happen.

“But as a team, we lost some points and that’s why we have to move on.”

Formula 1 might consider changing the rules should a situation like the one in Spa happen again, but the option of running the race on Monday would be impossible for many reasons. Moreover, even if the rules will be changed, it is impossible to say if after what happened on Sunday there could be something to learn since the weather is uncontrollable.

“Everybody tried hard to get a race underway and because of the rain, it didn’t happen,” Wolff said.

“To maybe come back to your Monday question, I think we have had plenty of fans that day that will have to go back to their jobs tomorrow.

“We would have tried to race for the local fans, and therefore that wouldn’t have made a great difference for them.”

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