Max Verstappen believes that Formula 1 should consider starting the races earlier should the weather be bad for the rest of the day to avoid what happened at Spa.

Yesterday’s Belgian GP was called off after a long wait due to bad weather. However, since the drivers did a few laps behind the Safety Car, the FIA decided to award half of the points to the top ten.

Verstappen said in the post-race interview that that is not how he wants to win races and gain points. Therefore, he suggested to the FIA that they should think about starting races earlier if they know that the weather is going to get worse.

“In a way, when you start at three o’clock and you have days like this, maybe it’s better to start a bit earlier, at 12 [or] one o’clock.

“I think that’s a better time anyway to start, for me. Now it’s just dragging on and on and the weather just gets worse and worse. It gets dark.”

The FIA tried to start the race but the conditions just did not want to improve, and Max agrees with the FIA’s decision since he had never seen such conditions in his life.

“This is, of course, not what you like, especially not for the people at the side of the track, the fans,” added Verstappen. “They expect a race. But the conditions were not good. It just kept raining all the time.

“I think from three o’clock onwards it just got worse and worse and when you already start that late in the day there is not much room to move around, even though we still waited for like three hours.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t improve. Of course, when you are the leading car the visibility is naturally a bit better, so it’s difficult on my side to judge how the others felt.

“I think at 15:30 I said it was OK to race from my side but, of course, the visibility behind was very bad. Especially, I think, with the recent events you don’t want to risk a big shunt to happen. It just didn’t feel right.

“Of course, the fans won’t agree with what happened, but you also have to think about safety at the end.”

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