Following the Arctic X-Prix, where X44 driver Sebastien Loeb clipped a lake while racing, Extreme E drivers defended against allegations of being ‘tone-deaf’ in its environmental message.

While the championship doubled down, stating that those races are only held in locations already damaged by the climate crisis, using the TV deals to attract larger audiences than most documentaries on the environment, in addition to the research and ‘Legacy Programmes’ in each country visited.

JBXE driver Kevin Hansen responded to the allegations, stating: “It’s true that they don’t understand, then we have to do even harder work to make sure they understand that it’s a crucial time in the world.

“We all have to continue sharing our story here and show everything that we are seeing.

“We’re racing in Greenland. It’s an incredible location and something very crazy.

“And if people don’t see that, I think they’re a bit simple because to be here is pretty life-changing.”

The Arctic X-Prix marked the first international motorsport event to be held in Greenland, and veteran WRC driver and two-time champion Carlos Sainz Sr. expressed his confidence in Extreme E, stating that despite his initial reservations, he was convinced by the work being done.

“I was a bit, I will not say skeptical, but at the beginning when you start to listen, when you start to follow, and when you start to listen to the people who really understand about the problem we are facing,” Sainz explained.

“Coming here, the message we are sending to everybody in this championship.

“I think we will get more and more involved, and this is the good thing for this championship. We should try to send this message.”

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