Sainz: Failure to get in Q3 “not normal”

Carlos Sainz during the Belgian Grand Prix. Getty Images.

Carlos Sainz said it’s “not normal” that Ferrari failed to get both cars into Q3 during yesterday’s qualifying session in the wet.

The Spaniard finished two places behind his teammate, Charles Leclerc, in 13th place. Both drivers reported struggling for grip, something which disappointed Sainz as he expected to benefit from the bad weather conditions.

“Very disappointing because it’s normally a condition that I was particularly looking forward to,” he said.

“Particularly around this circuit, I know the lines and the feeling of the car in the wet, I’m normally very strong.

“But for some reason, the grip wasn’t there today. We struggled to get the front temperatures up, we were struggling to get any kind of feeling under braking, and it was very difficult to get the car stopped.

“Very strange, because in Imola I was very quick, and the feeling with the car at Imola was completely different to here. So something to look into, because it’s not normal I think.”

Leclerc agreed with the fact that the lack of grip came unexpectedly.

“We were just lacking pace overall. Whether we know the reason, not yet obviously. I felt like we were a bit more competitive than P11 today.

“We definitely weren’t in the fight for a top five start. But in between five and ten, that was our place today.

“But it’s part of it, in those type of conditions, you also need to be out at the right time, and maybe today, because we saw some rain coming for the end of Q2, we went a little bit early. It was I think the right choice, but at the end, it’s like this.

“It’s very difficult to judge in those conditions. It’s always very easy to say it after the session, what was the better option, but it’s life. Today we did P11 and P13.”

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