Sainz believes FIA did not have to award points

Carlos Sainz at the Belgian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Carlos Sainz questions the FIA’s decision to award the top 10 drivers of the Belgian GP with half points.

The 2021 Belgian GP consisted of only several laps behind the Safety Car. However, the requirement of completing more than two racing laps was met, so the drivers that were classified in the top 10 were given half points. However, Sainz does not agree with that, because there was no pure racing action. At the same time, he approves the decision to call the race off in such conditions.

“It’s the right decision not to go… I think it’s fair that they decided not to go, why risk it, why have a misfortune when we can avoid it,” Sainz told DAZN F1.

“To distribute points for a race that has not been seems bad to me. Points should not be distributed for a race that has not occurred. I don’t know why there is a result in a race that has not existed. I finished tenth, but it is half a point that I am not enthusiastic about. I do not deserve it because I have not participated in the race.”

“I think this GP should be crossed out and we should go to the next race. This half a point does not excite me, since I have not raced and I do not deserve it, like anyone else.”

The Spaniard has spoken about bad visibility on Sunday and hopes that things will be better at the Dutch GP.

“There was zero visibility. I hope that in the Netherlands we can race.”

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