Daniel Ricciardo believes that Eau Rouge will stay “scary and exciting” after possible changes at Spa Francorchamps.

Speculations over modification of the Eau Rouge-Raidillon section have been on for several weeks after numerous dangerous incidents there lately. At the same time, there are concerns that the section will not be as exciting in the driving aspect. Ricciardo supposes that nothing will change its nature. He has also shared his views on the balance between making the corner safe for racing and keeping that excitement.

“I think the balance is in the form of what history has shown,” he told Motorsport.com.

“As exciting as Eau Rouge is, it does tend to have big accidents pretty much every year. If it’s not in F1 it will be in another category, where there are big ones. I think that’s where it’s a bit too much.

“I think the corner will still be scary and exciting even if they push the barrier a few extra metres back, because it’s also the way the cars then bounce back onto the track,” he added.

“It’s kind of just realigning the safety. I don’t think it’s changing the pure character of the corner. I think it’s just removing any of the unnecessary danger. With history, and that sort of side of it, no one benefits when the danger’s pointed in that direction.”

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