Good news from the Red Bull garage. Sergio Perez will be allowed to take part in the Belgian GP if the car is repaired in time. This was confirmed by the FIA and the stewards.

This stroke of fate for Perez began during the installation lap, when he crashed into the barrier on corner exit at Les Combes and destroyed his front suspension. Actually, the Mexican would then have been out, but because the race has not yet started, Red Bull is allowed to repair his car. This was confirmed by Michael Masi.

There was also a radio message from Mercedes asking whether it would be legal for Perez to start again, but Michael Masi only replied that the stewards were still checking the regulations.

Then came the radio message from Masi to Red Bull, in which he confirmed that Perez could start if the car would be repaired in time.

The race at Spa has still not started and it is still unclear when exactly the racing action will get underway.

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