Lewis Hamilton believes that racing at Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday was unlikely because of torrential rain and poor visibility.

After the Belgian GP was called off due to bad weather conditions, the championship leader had his comments regarding what had happened on Sunday. Hamilton, who was classified 3rd, felt bad for the fans who had come to the track and admitted that the race was resumed just in order to complete the requirements for awarding half points.

“Firstly, I feel really sorry for the fans today. Obviously, it’s no one’s fault with this weather, but the fans have been incredible today, to stick with us this whole time and hold out for potential race,” the Mercedes driver said.

“They [FIA race direction] knew when they sent us out at the end there, the track was not any better. They did just so we could start two laps behind the Safety Car, which is the minimum requirement for a race.”

“I really hope the fans get their money back today.”

Hamilton also described how bad visibility was at Spa-Francorchamps.

“You couldn’t really see 5 meters in front of you, the car [ahead] disappears, so it was really difficult down the straights, to even know where that flashing light was. You couldn’t even go flat-out, because you didn’t know what part of the track you would be on,” he commented.

“So, it’s a shame, because, of course, I wanted to race today and I think it could have been a great race if it hadn’t rained so hard.”

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