Doohan dominates another wet race in Spa ahead of Martins, Smolyar

Jack Doohan, Trident. Credits: Trident on Twitter.

Jack Doohan wins again in Formula 3 after dominating a wet race in Spa in which he had to defend from Victor Martins. Doohan also managed to close the gap to Dennis Hauger in the championship.

Just like yesterday’s race one, the race started behind the safety car due to the difficult conditions since it was raining again. The total of formation laps done behind the safety car were four, but finally, the race could start.

It was a rolling start and at the beginning, the positions did not change, but Victor Martins was trying to attack Jack Doohan. His attack did not work and Doohan kept the lead of the race.

Meanwhile, Dennis Hauger gained the twelfth position, and he was already attacking Jak Crawford, but the latter managed to keep the position. Matteo Nannini was in the pits since he had a puncture, an unlucky start for him, who made contact with Rafael Villagomez.

Hauger managed to overtake Crawford at Les Combes on the outside, while at the front, Martins was putting Doohan under pressure.

The Norwegian grabbed P10 one lap later, by overtaking Roman Stanek. Meanwhile, David Schumacher overtook Hoggard, who was struggling to keep Hauger behind, and the latter overtook him.

At the front, Martins overtook Doohan for the lead of the race on lap five. Clement Novalak went for the move on lap six for the fifth position, while Doohan retook the lead of the race since Martins had to give back the position because he overtook Doohan while exceeding the track limits.

It was an unfortunate race for Hunter Yeany, who was forced to go back to the pits and retire. Meanwhile, Martins seemed to be faster than Doohan, and he was already driving very close to him.

Hauger was trying to gain another position, this time on Schumacher, who was defending the P8. Another battle was the one for P4, with Novalak who was pushing to overtake Caio Collet.

Arthur Leclerc was also recovering quickly, the brother of Charles Leclerc was already in P10 behind his teammate Hauger. Hoggard was defending from Leclerc, but he went wide at Les Combes.

Hauger finally managed to overtake Schumacher, who was defending brilliantly, but the Norwegian found a space on the outside and took P8.

Frederik Vesti attacked Logan Sargeant at Eau Rouge, and he finished the overtake at the end of the straight, gaining the sixth position. Meanwhile, it was game over for Amaury Cordeel, who brought the car back to the pits.

On the last lap, Martins was holding the fastest lap, but Hauger was also going for it while closing the gap to Sargeant.

In the end, it was Doohan who won the race in front of Martins, Smolyar, Collet, Novalak, Vesti, Sargeant, Hauger, Schumacher, and Leclerc.

2MartinsMP Motorsport2.0
3SmolyarART Grand Prix12.2
4ColletMP Motorsport13.3
6VestiART Grand Prix15.9
7SargeantCharouz Racing System 17.7
9Schumacher Trident20.9
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