Lando Norris says he could have “easily fought for pole” before his accident during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

The qualifying session for tomorrow’s race was affected by poor wet weather, which affected everyone’s on-track performance. Norris, who was fastest on both Q1 and Q2, suffered a big crash on Q3 going into Eau Rouge.

The McLaren driver walked out of the crash but was later transferred to a hospital for further checks, including a precautionary x-ray on his elbow, and was later deemed fit to race in tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

Norris admitted the conditions were “tricky” in Q3, stating he thought the session should have been stopped earlier.

“Everything was going extremely well,” he said. “Since the first lap in Q1 things were going perfectly, and the car was feeling hooked up, I felt confident with the car.

“I guess it was tricky going out in Q3 because even on the out lap, I was saying how wet it was and saying it should be stopped or something, because I was aquaplaning quite a bit.

“So it was just a difficult situation to be in: how much do you want to push, how much do you not? I think it’s a combination of pushing a bit too much for the weather at that point, aquaplaning a little bit in the middle of Eau Rouge, which obviously doesn’t end too well, and ends up being the way it was in the end.

“Of course, I feel bad because things were going very well, the car was on fire, and Q1 and Q2 were extremely good. I think I could have quite easily fought for pole position.

“I’ve now given the team a lot of work to do and probably a very late night, but not a lot I can do now.”

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