Lorenzo Colombo led the race from the first lap to the last one, and he also collected the fastest lap. Behind him are Jak Crawford and Roman Stanek.

The formation lap started behind the Safety Car. The track was wet, and in some parts of the circuit, it was raining while in others, the thunderstorm had stopped.

In the first part of the race the teams were expecting the rain to continue, then it should slowly stop. In the last sector was raining heavily, and the drivers started their second lap behind the safety car since the conditions did not allow the race to start.

The third lap behind the Safety Car started as the conditions were not improving. The race procedure was suspended, and all cars went back to the pits.

It was just a matter of waiting for the conditions to get better. Meanwhile, the drivers got out of their cars, and the stewards were thinking about a decision. They decided that the wait would last ten more minutes, and then the drivers could go back on track once again with the hope to see the rain stop from falling.

The cars went back on track, but the rain started to fall heavily once again. It was not the formation lap anymore, the stewards decided to consider the laps behind the safety car as laps that are part of the race. Therefore, the drivers were completing the first lap of the race.

The second lap of the race behind the Safety Car started, then the third one as well. The race control decided to make the Safety Car enter the pits after the third lap and the race finally started.

Lorenzo Colombo kept first place, and all the other positions remained the same. Then, at Les Combes, Caio Collet and Victor Martins almost touched. Matteo Nannini lost two positions, just like Logan Sargeant and Alexander Smolyar.

Collet overtook Clement Novalak at Les Combes for P7. Meanwhile, Ido Cohen entered the pits, and he was forced to retire.

Colombo was extending his lead lap after lap while at the back, the other drivers were battling for positions.

Rafael Villagomez spun and hit the wall in the second sector. He was stuck but managed to restart his car and there was no need for a Safety Car since his car did not have much damage.

On lap 9, Martins overtook Novalak for P8, while Collet was trying to overtake Frederik Vesti. The fastest driver on track was Colombo, who wanted the two additional points, and the gap between him and Jak Crawford was 8.6 seconds.

Schumacher and Hoggard were fighting in the first sector for P4, while Collet and Vesti invited themselves to the party. They were very close at Les Combes, and Collet grabbed P4, but he cut the corner at Eau Rouge. Behind him there was Vesti, then Martins, Hoggard, Schumacher, and Novalak in P9.

Vesti managed to overtake Collet, while Schumacher lost three positions and dropped back to P11.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Colombo won the race for Campos Racing after an extraordinary race, Crawford and Stanek completed the podium.

The top 10 of the Formula 3 race 1 at Spa Francorchamps:

1Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing38:46.686
2Jak CrawfordHitech GP+13.471
3Roman StanekHitech GP+15.487
4Frederik VestiART GP+19.099
5Victor MartinsMP Motorsport+21.157
6Johnathan HoggardJenzer Motorsport+23.665
7Clement NovalakTrident+24.493
8Logan SargeantCharouz Racing System+24.544
9Caio ColletMP Motorsport+25.275
10Alexander SmolyarART GP+25.467

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