Honda has announced that Max Verstappen’s second engine will not be used this season. Thus, the Dutchman is likely to get a grid penalty in the next races.

The Red Bull driver has spoken out himself and says that the power unit penalties should be revised. The crash with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone damaged the engine so badly that it is unusable. That would be bitter for Verstappen as he is only 8 points behind Lewis Hamilton in the standings, so a grid penalty would have a big impact on that.

The same happened to his teammate Sergio Perez, who was involved in the crash on lap 1 of the Hungarian GP and now has to change his engine.

Team boss Christian Horner has said that the ruling is not fair as Red Bull and Honda lost the engines through no fault of their own. Verstappen agreed with that.

“If someone crashes into you, and you suffer damage from that and you need to take an extra engine because of the regulations, I don’t think that’s how it should be.

“There should be a bit more leeway there. You could also do it like if there is damage caused by someone else, you are allowed to take new parts.

“This is something we, but also Ferrari, have suffered from in Hungary. They also lost an engine.

“This is something we need to have look at, especially when you are so limited with engines and all the other parts, and with a budget cap as well.”

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