Finally, for Nikita Mazepin, the new chassis will be fitted on his Haas car at the Belgian GP, but Guenther Steiner does not believe it will change his performances that much.

Mazepin asked the team to change the chassis to his car since he thought that his machinery was heavier than his teammate’s.

Haas wanted to help its driver, and for the Belgian GP, the team changed the chassis.

The Russian driver is pretty sure that the new chassis will help him improve his performance. On the other hand, Haas team principal, Steiner, is not sure that things will change for Mazepin.

“Yeah, he got the new one,” said Steiner about the chassis.

“You cannot change the stiffness of a chassis without changing the homologation. It’s a homologated chassis. So it will be very similar.”

Since the budget cap is important, Steiner confirmed that changing the chassis did not impact Haas’ financial situation.

“No, there is no financial impact on it,” he explained. “But performance-wise, I mean, we will see if there is a difference.

“I don’t know if Nikita feels any different, that is more down to him than to me. But otherwise, as I said, it’s a homologated chassis. We had two old ones because one we destroyed last year [Romain Grosjean’s in Bahrain], we burned that. So we’ll see.”

On the other side of the garage, Mick Schumacher is still struggling with his seat position, and the team is trying to fix the problem.

“We are working on it, but I am still driving with the old one.

“We are kind of trying a hybrid of the seat we did at Silverstone and the one we have now. So a mixture of both. The one-seat we did in Silverstone doesn’t fit in the car like that. There are a few points that just don’t work.

“Although it feels very comfortable and straight. We still have to wait a bit and fine-tune it, and try to make it a hybrid.”

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